Who is The Dystopian Project?


Concert Crap: Can you talk about a brief history of the band?

The Dystopian Project: We formed a few years back, when a few of the members had left other bands and wanted to take a different musical direction. They wanted a different creative challenge. We have released one EP already and are now gearing up for our second release.

CC: What does your band name mean?

TDP: The name is inspired by the lyrics off one of our songs from our first EP. The song is called “Dystopian”, and the name is more of a play on words, a tongue in cheek description of the world we live in.

CC: Who are some of your musical inspirations?

TDP: We have a very ecclectic musical taste, and each one of us are inspired by a myriad of bands. Porcupine Tree & Steve Wilson would be a band that would largely influence us in how we would like to sound in the studio.

CC: Who would you like to tour with realistically and un realistically?

TDP: Realistically we would like to tour with the afrementioned Steve Wilson, and unrealistically, Pink Floyd and Metallica.

CC: What does the rest of 2016 have in store for you guys?

TDP: We are playing out first live show on the 4th of December, and we are closing out the year with the release of a music video. Stay tuned to your sites for more info!

CC: Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans or anyone that may be reading this interview at all?

TDP: Stay tuned to our social media sites, we have a new reelase on the way and a new video too.

All questions answered by The Dystopian Project: Darrin Bell (drums), Phil Dolan (guitars), Hytham Martin (guitar and vocals), Tess Olivia (vocals) and Ivan O’Sullivan (bass and vocals).



Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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