The 10 Best Jazz Songs to Listen To

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Being one of the most electric and intimidating genres of music, Jazz strikes a chord with every free spirit out there. Some of the tracks evoke humor with delightful lyrics which makes them thoroughly enjoyable.

Be it the soulful cry of Ella Fitzgerald and Armstrong with the crisp drum and blaring horns or “Sing, Sing, Sing” by Benny Goodman; these jazz staple leaves a magical touch in our heart.  With the infectious spirit of swing, jazz injected the masses in the big band era.

Whether you are a jazz fanatic or absolute beginner, here are some best tracks that will blow your mind.

Weather Report – “Birdland”

If you like something a bit funky, this is the song for you. Birdland is a late 70s jazz-fusion boom that blends that classic jazz aspect with an electric, rockier sound. The glorious song effortlessly conveys just how flexible jazz can be. Compared to the earlier releases, it is salient and reminds you that the essence of jazz is still alive.

Billie Holiday – “Strange Fruit”

It is hard to listen to this song without feeling goosebumps all over. This track is one of the most haunting pieces of music that is ever recorded. Billie Holiday’s utterly mesmerizing vocal will steal your heart. The compelling lyrical content that is inspired by the poem penned in 1937 in protest of American racism and the jazz accent makes it one of the best jazz track.

Dizzy Gillespie – “Pop’s Confessin'”

Although many tried to imitate the exceptional, gruff voice of Satchmo, nobody does it like Gillespie. The way he mimics the voice while playing the trumpet in Armstrong style with improvised lyrics is truly commendable.

Miles Davis – “So What”

This master class music will take you on a sprawling journey of musical exploration with Miles Davis leading the charge on trumpet. The nine minutes of laid-back bliss with the impeccable backing band is a standout hit.

John Coltrane – “Acknowledgement”

This is another superb instrumental track from the jazz saxophonist Trane. Soaked with emotion, this mesmerizing record represents the artist’s personal struggle for purity. Speaking of its technical level, it is just perfect. Coltrane’s deeply spiritual piece of work is an indomitable example of jazz as well as artistry in general.

Frank Sinatra – “Fly Me to the Moon”

Perhaps you have heard it on many rom-coms or wedding receptions.  Written by Bart Howard in 1954, the most popular version of this classic was sung by the legendary Frank Sinatra.  

Dave Brubeck – “Take Five”

Generally, jazz is considered as a bit complex and varied genre of music for the acquired taste. But this one song may change your mind.  When released in 1959, the track rapidly caught fire around the world while earning the status of jazz movement’s defining hit. The most important jazz composition is a masterpiece with a tune of suave piano throughout. Even if you are a new bee in the world of jazz, you will know this song.

Starlight – “Stella”

Written in 1944 by Victor Young, the song is amazing to listen for fans of any genre of music. Listen to the song, and you will know why it is so popular.


This is a beautiful melody that every jazz fan must listen. Composed with simple harmony, the Gershwin classic was written in 1934 for the opera, “Porgy and Bess.”

Ella Fitzgerald – “Round Midnight”

Round Midnight is undeniably beautiful music piece by the ‘Queen of Jazz,’ Ella Fitzgerald. Her sweeping vocal range and pure tonality are simply incredible.

You can listen to the playlist of the above jazz tunes and even more for free. Some websites enable you to listen to some exclusive collection of royalty free music free of charge.

Post by Jean Jennings

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