Pierce the Veil – Misadventures album review

Pierce the Veil - Midadventures

Since wrapping up their world tour after the success of their album Collide with the Sky in 2012, post-hardcore outfit Pierce the Veil had kept quiet about any new releases. Although they teased it throughout various social media platforms, it was up in the air for four years.

During the summer of Warped Tour 2015, Pierce the Veil released their first single, “The Divine Zero”, receiving a positive output from fans online, and later when they opened their Warped set with it. Finally, on May 13 when the band’s fourth studio album Misadventures was released through Fearless Records.

The album is no doubt a throwback to earlier Pierce the Veil works. Latter songs on the album are not a far cry from their most recent Collide with the Sky tracks, but long time fans will be pleased to hear a distinct influence from their first studio album A Flair for the Dramatic (2009).

Opening track, “Dive in” is a heavy track with a loud guitar riff and fast drums, gets the adrenaline pumping and sets the stage for the rest of the album. The following track “Texas is Forever” continues smoothly where “Dive in” left off without skipping a beat, carrying the same fast tempo and general upbeat sound.

The album doesn’t slow down until the fifth track “Floral and Fading”, which opens with a pop-like intro that we haven’t heard a lot from a post-hardcore band, however it works in their favor as it works as a great transition from loud guitars to a ballad.

The aforementioned track, as well as “Circles” stands out from the others as post-hardcore songs that go hand-in-hand with ballad-like lyrics and smoother transitions, but with a conventional post-hardcore sound that carries through the album.

Considering the fact that all of their studio albums have had some influence on this one, it’s fair to say that this is a newer Pierce the Veil sound that the old fans will love, but unique enough to draw in newer listeners. Out of their discography thus far, Misadventures has a heavier sound that carries throughout most of the tracks, however, slows down appropriately without throwing off the momentum of an upbeat, loud album.

Four years in the making, vocalist Vic Fuentes has poured his diligence into this release, and it shows. Not one track sounds exactly like the one that precedes it. The most noteworthy quality of the album is the fact that transitions from track to track and falls together perfectly, even when going from a slower song like “Circles” to guitar-ridden “Today I saw the Whole World”.

All in all, it’s safe to say that it was well worth the wait. Misadventures does not disappoint, as it captures your attention from beginning to end. Whether you are a new listener, or a longtime fan of Pierce the Veil, Misadventures is an album that is worth the listen!

  1. Dive in
  2. Texas is Forever
  3. The Divine Zero
  4. Floral & Fading
  5. Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed
  6. Circles
  7. Today I saw the Whole World
  8. Gold Medal Ribbon
  9. Bedless
  10. Sambuka
  11. Song for Isabelle


Post by Kayla Rojas

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