Lilith Czar Brings Us to Our Knees as She Reigns Over LA

Lilith Czar at The Hollywood Palladium, March 18, 2022. Photo by Nikki Phillips.

If you’re planning to attend The Trinity Terror Tour, we highly advise getting there early. Lilith Czar is an artist you don’t want to miss – not even for a moment. Formerly known as Juliet Simms, she has rebirthed herself into this beautiful, bold vessel with unapologetic energy, striving willpower and a striking aura that defines exactly who she truly is.

Her debut album, Created From Filth and Dust, was released early last year and has personally been an “on repeat” record. There is a supernatural undertone to the dark, yet powerful 12-track arrangement. Lilith’s music is the kind that boosts your confidence and solidifies your fortitude from the moment you press play. She has powerhouse vocals that parallel some of the greatest modern rock and alternative female-fronted artists around: Halestorm, Evanescence, New’s Year Day and more; likewise, as well as classic vocalists like Stevie Nicks. We feel a seductive foundation in the depths of each track, reminiscent of a Nine Inch Nails reverie. Add a top layer of empowerment and confidence and the Lilith spirit is complete.

Blessing our ears with five original songs from Created From Filth and Dust and a cover from Stevie Nicks, we couldn’t feel any higher on some indescribable, dark, spiritual bliss. The crowd absolutely adored her (“King” being a fan favorite nickname – derived from her own song). Lilith captivated the crowd for the entirety of the set with assistance from her live band and radiating, high energy. She is a pure mood and oozing with a naturally flowing talent and grit to her voice. You can experience Lilith Czar for yourself on The Trinity of Terror Tour, which is running now until April 27th through both the United States and Canada. Find your nearest stop here. Until then, check out our gallery below for photos from Lilith Czar’s stop in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Palladium on March 18, 2022:

Need some song suggestions?

We love “Anarchy” and “King” for starters. Check out her latest music video for “King” here:

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Post and photos by Nikki Phillips [ Instagram | Twitter ]

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