Interview: Speaking with Follow the Few


Concert Crap: Hey Follow the Few, how are you guys doing?

Drew: We’re very well thanks, we’ve been busy writing some new music which we’re pretty excited about and trying to get as many gigs booked in as we can.

CC: How did you guys get your band together?

Chris: I found an advert by Drew on joinmyband, the musicians equivalent of online dating. Drew and I jammed together playing mostly covers with a few original ideas one of which became The Weakest Fade. During this time we played with a few other guys  we found on the internet who we didn’t really gel with until we somehow found Pete. Then sometime later Pete introduced us to Mike who was one of his mates and Follow The Few was complete.

CC: Did you know going into this that you wanted to be alternative prog?

Drew: This is a strange one really, when we began playing together as a full band we had a menagerie of different influences between the four of us from strong prog influences to punk, and grunge, which gave us a sound which ultimate we couldn’t just call Prog. However during the finishing stages of recording our first EP we found that many of the bands other influences began to shine through, giving us more of an Alt Rock sound, so we’ve more or less re-pigeonholed ourselves as an alt rock band, which we feel probably represents us better, given the broadness of the genre.

Who are your top 3 most influential bands/musicians?

Drew: Amongst many, many others I think if we said Karnivool, Oceansize, and Reuben, that would probably be about right!

If the four of you got in a gladiator fight, which one of you would win and why?

Mike: Drew has the strength of 10 men and, contrary to his all-encompassing love of fluffy kittens, is a total animal. He would crush all three of us into a ball, and shot put us to the moon with his arms of steel.

Where do you hope to see your band in the future?

Drew: I feel like our aims as a band have so far been to have as much fun as possible writing music together that is completely true to our own playing styles. So, off the back of that in the future we would love it if people enjoyed listening to our music as much as we enjoy writing it, then we can play more shows, and have more fun! We would also love to start touring as soon as possible!

Is there anything else you’d like to add to this interview?

Drew: Just thanks for having us and go check us below.

All questions answered by Drew, Chris, and Mike of Follow The Few.

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Post and interview by Karen Shalev

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