Dashboard Confessional & Andrew McMahon with Cartel – ‘Hello Gone Days’ Tour Coverage

Dashboard Confessional and Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness teamed up to bring their Hello Gone Days tour to venues all across the country this summer, and with Cartel opening up, it was the perfect recipe for a great concert! People were filing in across the lawn and getting ready for a night full of rock music.

Cartel started off the night strong, going straight into their song “Honestly” and got everyone into the rock and roll mood! The crowd loved “The Perfect Mistake“, with people all across the grass bopping their heads along to the music. They joked along with the crowd, and got people loosened up and ready for the headliners, as any great openers do! People especially loved their final song, “Burn This City“, as many people across the crowd were singing and dancing along to it.

It was time for the first of the night’s co-headliners to hit the stage, and the crowd cheered so loudly when Andrew McMahon walked out onstage and started out his set with “Bruised“. Captivating the audience with his incredible stage presence, he goes from playing at his grand piano, to walking around with a mic and singing directly to the crowd. He’d even climb up on top of the piano and jump off it!

People loved the mixture of throwback songs from his time in Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin and his newer material. And fans were particularly excited to hear his brand new song “Stars“, and went crazy when his backdrop fell to reveal a bunch of tiny white lights twinkling onstage to mimic the namesake of the song!

The sun setting behind the stage made for a beautiful backdrop as he performed his final song of the night, “Synesthesia“. With rainbow lights swirling around the stage, Andrew dons a cape filled with rainbow lights, and hops back into the crowd to hug, high five, and sing along with fans up close.

And now it was time for the final act of the night! With the sun now fully set, Dashboard Confessional took to the stage! Starting off slow with “The Brilliant Dance“, lead singer Chris Carrabba immediately had the crowd hooked as he strummed along on his guitar. After that, the rest of the band came out and it was time to get started! Going through “The Good Fight“, “The Sharp Hint of New Tears“, and “Don’t Wait“, everyone there was having a great time rocking out to the music.

At one point during the set, Chris asked the crowd if this was anyone’s first rock and roll concert, and there was one smiling fan out in the crowd who raised their hand to encouragement and cheers from the rest of the audience. Reminiscing on how great of a feeling it was to go to your first rock concert, he got everyone there to feel a bit nostalgic for the shared love of live music.

Covering “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure, he brought Andrew McMahon back out onstage to sing alongside each other, much to the excitement of the fans. And, of course, people loved hearing their hit “Vindicated” live with Chris’ Spider-Man story. And closing out the night with “Hands Down“, it was the perfect way to end a great night!

Check out our photo gallery down below:

Be sure to check out Cartel’s latest single “The End” Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness’ latest single , “Stars“, and Dashboard Confessional’s latest album All The Truth That I Can Tell.

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Post and photos by Taylor Pettitt (Twitter | Instagram | Website)

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