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Independent bands are some of the hardest workers in the music industry. They essentially do everything on their own, including making their own merch, tour managing themselves, financing all of that and more. One of these hard working indie bands that I am a huge fan of is 18th & Addison from New Jersey. The band is comprised of Kait and Tom Kunzman.

The band first came to my attention when I began to get into this other band called What’s Eating Gilbert, if you haven’t heard of WEG, it is New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert’s side project. Kait is the touring guitarist for that band and I like them a lot too.

They have an EP called Little Parasites and an album called Makeshift Monster out as well. I originally started listening to the EP and I was able to enjoy it just about every day. The songs get you hooked and they tend to get stuck in my head whenever I listen. The title track on the EP starts off with Tom singing and eventually Kait comes in singing. That’s another reason why I enjoy this band, both of them sing and they sound really awesome together.

Makeshift Monster came out last year and it was the band’s first full length album. I was excited to see them come out with more songs to hear. I bought the album and since I was one of the first 50 to order it, I got a handwritten lyric booklet! The album has songs from the EP and new ones as well. My favorite one is a song called “My Old Skin”. It has a really strong intro and I really enjoy the lyrics. They talk about going somewhere new and starting over in life.

If you’re a fan of bands like Mixtapes, A Loss for Words, or good music in general then you’ll like this band. They tour around the east coast quite often so if they play near you don’t miss it!

Post by Madeline Cronin

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