Autopilot speaks on current tour, latest video, and more


CC: Who is Autopilot?

Marlon Harder – guitar, vocals

Jose Fuenzalida – drums

Brandon Tenold – bass

CC: How has your latest tour been?

The tour’s been really good. We’ve played with so many great bands and met a bunch of new friends. The best part of being on the road is meeting new people and getting to play every night. We have had the chance to play most of the major cities in the states and see a lot of the country.  The shows have been a lot of fun. It’s a longer tour of two months so we can’t wait to go home and finish our new record too. We are just on the last week of shows now.

CC: Can you talk about a typical day for you guys on tour? 

Most days we hit the road pretty much immediately after waking up. A lot of the time we spend the day driving and/or stuck in traffic getting to the next show. It’s awesome when we are able get to town early and check out the city. Next, we head over to the venue, load in, soundcheck, and get ready to play. We always make sure we are around to check out the other bands. After the show we might go to an after party or else back to the hotel if we have an especially long drive the next day. During all of this, we also spend a lot of time managing our next few weeks of shows, doing interviews, and trying to keep up with social media. It’s a lot of fun but also a lot of work. Not very glamorous, but I think this is the life of most touring independent bands.

CC: Can you talk about your making of the video for “Hurricane”?

The video was directed by Jared Peace who has the ability to take the best shot of something simple and put it into a different perspective. We filmed it over a few days and had the cops show up once due to noise complaints since we were going all night a lot of the time. They were really good about it but I think I may have pissed off a few people in the neighborhood. The idea for the video came from Jared and he did a great job of portraying the feel of the song using darkness contrasting with shots of light and old 8mm footage projected to capture the feel and meaning of the song.

CC: What has been your most memorable moment of 2016? 

I don’t really have one specific moment that comes to mind, but 2016 has definitely been one of the best years for the band. Things seem to always be getting better and we are really enjoying doing this. We’ve been on the road for around four months this year and when we are at home we are in the studio working on our next record.

CC: Why should people care about Autopilot? 

If you like the music and it makes a connection with you, that’s great – it’s what we’re striving for.  We have a lot of people liking what we are doing but the challenge is always getting people to hear it in the first place. That’s what all this touring is really about.

All questions answered by guitarist Marlon Harder.


November 20: Portland, OR

November 21: Seattle, WA

November 22: Spokane, WA

November 23: Helena, MT

November 26: Saskatoon, SK


Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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